Why It’s Important to Get Regular Oil Changes

Posted March 2, 2023

Oil changes are a regular part of your vehicle’s maintenance plan, but why are they so important? On average, auto repair service shops perform four of these a week, according to Infographic Portal. Read on to find out why these regular oil changes are a benefit to your car’s health.

Better Engine Life

By replacing the dirty oil with fresh, clean oil for your engine, you’re getting more efficiency out of the vehicle and reducing wear and tear. Dirty oil gives friction and can cause your engine not to perform as it should, reducing the life expectancy for engine parts.

Environmentally Sound

By changing your car’s oil on a regular basis, you are helping lower the release of gases that occur when oil is broken down by heat. Known as hydrocarbons, these gases are the product of old oil that is heated and cooled over and over again.

Emissions Test Worthy

Regular oil changes will help keep your car running properly and efficiently so that it is easier to pass emissions tests should your community use them. These emissions tests check for pollutants and chemical releases from your engine, which is lowered after every oil change.

Better MPG ratings

If you have noticed that your car is getting fewer miles per gallon, an oil change may help. Without particle residue and engine sludge, your car has a smoother ride and better fuel efficiency. The cost savings on extending how long you need between fill-ups help offset the cost of oil changes.

Protects Engine Wear

Clean oil will reduce wear and tear, sludge buildup, and lower friction in your engine. This keeps your engine running better and can help extend the life of engine parts. By running more efficiently, your car is able to lower the risk of potential breakdowns.

Cools Engines

Parts of an engine move at high speeds, which will produce heat. This heat is what starts to break down engine oil. Fresh oil from an oil change will keep parts lubricated better, lower friction between the parts, and effectively keep your engine running cooler than with old, sludge oil.

If you are interested in oil changes, auto servicing, and other maintenance items for your car or truck, give our team at D’s Auto & Truck Repair a call. We’ve years of experience and expertise in this field. We can get you back on the road.

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