D’s Auto & Truck Repair is one of the most trusted transmission shops in Holland, MI. We are confident that we can diagnose and fix all your transmission problems.

When bringing in your vehicle for transmission work, the skilled, certified technicians at D’s Auto and Truck Repair will use cutting-edge diagnostic tools and the latest industry training to diagnose the actual cause of the issue you’re experiencing so that we can recommend the best possible solution for you and your vehicle.

Unlike many repair shops, at D’s Auto and Truck Repair we have the ability to rebuild transmissions ourselves, right in our shop. This means that we can help you save time and money and have you safely back on the road in less time than if you had to purchase a replacement transmission or wait for another shop to ship your transmission to another shop to be worked on.

That’s not the only reason to choose D’s Auto and Truck Repair for transmission work! When we rebuild transmissions, we also upgrade the torque converter and correct issues in the pump and valve body which can help prevent you from having to bring your car back in for the same kind of transmission work in the future.

Most importantly, like all work done at D’s Auto and Truck repair, our transmission work is backed by our 24-month/24,000 mile warranty covering parts and labor!

Transmission repair can be expensive, but without a properly working transmission, your vehicle cannot run. If the transmission isn’t shifting the gears properly, you’ll notice a bumpy ride because the energy isn’t transmitting smoothly from the engine to the wheels. The vehicle may buck or stall, or you’ll hear grinding noises from underneath the vehicle. If the transmission is really in trouble, you may even see smoke coming from under the hood. All of these things indicate a major problem needing to be checked out immediately.

To avoid a costly repair bill down the road, fix minor transmission problems before they become major issues. If you’re having any of the following minor transmission problems, bring them to our shop and have one of our ASE Certified technicians check it out.

Leaks and stains under the car: Transmission fluid is typically dyed red to make it easier to identify it from other vehicle fluids. In both rear and front-wheel drive vehicles, the transmission is located underneath the vehicle and towards the rear. Puddles of red fluid under the rear end of the vehicle indicate a leak somewhere in the system.

Noises: Turn off your radio occasionally and listen to your vehicle. Many problems begin as unusual noises, but if you’re not sure what your vehicle normally sounds like you may not be able to tell the unusual from the usual. Transmission noises that indicate trouble brewing include whining noises, especially a whining sound under the floorboards while your vehicle moves from gear to gear.

Changes in shifting behavior: Your vehicle should move smoothly between gears whether you have a manual or an automatic transmission. If you feel a jolting sensation or the vehicle bucks during a shift, it’s time to have the transmission checked. A heavy sensation in the vehicle during shifting may also indicate a problem.

Money Saving Transmission Repair

If you notice these or other changes, bring your vehicle to D’s Auto & Truck Repair. We will thoroughly inspect your entire vehicle, transmission included, and present our recommendations to you. Stop by or call the shop today!