Coolant System Flush Are They Necessary

Posted August 9, 2017

During the summer, overheating of vehicles causes many breakdowns and potential internal engine damage. Many people come to our shop with breakdowns due to cooling system failures. Here are some facts about cooling systems, what they are and what to know when someone says that you need to have your cooling system flushed.

What Is A Cooling System?

The cooling system in your vehicle is what keeps your car from overheating. An engine works best when it is at a higher temperature, so the cooling system’s job is to help the engine heat up quickly and then maintain the temperature at a constant regular level and prevent overheating. It does this by transfering heat into the air and other components of the system.

In most vehicles, the system works when radiator fluid moves through different parts, absorbing excess heat to keep the engine cool At the end of the system, a radiator tajes the heat and transfers it into the air.

Clear Coolant Can Be Deceptive

Even though your coolant may be clean and clear it can still contain hidden contaminants caused by rust and corrosion. Often these contaminants lay under the surface, undetected.

Coolant Flush Interval

According to most manufacturers, they say that you should flush all of the fluid in your radiator once ever 24,000 to 36,000 miles or 2-3 years. However, depending on how you drive, this may be more frequent and we recommend every 1-2 years.

Also, be very careful with extended life coolants. Often they claim to last up to 100,000 miles, but still collect contaminants right in the fluid. These hidden inpurities can cause enormous issues with your system and engine. We recommend that these fluids be checked regularly as well, despite thier claim of warranty.

What happens if I don’t Get My Coolant Flushed?

Unfortunately becuase of the issues we mentioned above (rust and contaminants) failing to flush and change out the fluid in your system can take 10s of thousands, if not up to 100,000 miles off your engine life.

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