6 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Car’s Engine

Posted July 28, 2023

A well-tuned and properly running engine helps you to travel more efficiently and affordably. You need to maintain your vehicle’s engine to keep it in good condition, but many still need car repair services. Here are six signs that something is wrong with your car’s engine.

1. Engine Runs Hot

Heat wrecks an engine very fast. According to eTags, coolant issues are the most commonly reported car problems among more than 118,000 drivers surveyed. If you see the temperature gauge rising higher, you need to get car repair services to diagnose the problem and fix it.

2. Check Engine Light Stays On

The first clue that many motorists get regarding a problem with the engine is when the check engine light appears on the dash. Just about anything that affects the engine could trigger the light, from a blown fuse to a bad camshaft or another potentially serious problem. An auto repair facility can run diagnostics, determine what caused the light to appear, and how to fix it.

3. Motor Idles Roughly

A roughly idling motor might have one or more fouled spark plugs, one or more bad spark plug wires, or maybe a problem with the coil pack. It also could have a bad fuel injector, dirty air filter, or another reasonably simple and affordable problem. Car repair services can help to determine the cause and get your motor running right.

4. Engine Lacks Power

You might notice a recent lack of normal acceleration or less engine power. Maybe the engine stumbles a bit before it gets going. A lack of engine power means something is wrong. There might be a problem with fuel delivery, a lack of oxygen in the combustion chamber, or possibly an electrical issue. The sooner you get it serviced, the faster it goes away.

5. Low Oil Pressure

If the oil pressure is low, the engine has a potentially serious problem. A leaking gasket, defective oil pump, or another issue might cause a loss of oil and oil pressure. Fixing it right away helps to limit potentially catastrophic motor damage.

6. Poor Fuel Economy

If your car’s fuel economy suddenly lessens, the engine is not producing power efficiently. There could be many causes, and most of them are easy to fix with car repair services. The sooner you get it done, the easier it usually is to fix it.

You can call or visit our automotive shop for car repair services. Make sure you take your vehicle for its preventative maintenance! The shop might catch issues before they crop up.

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