Cooling System Components

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cooling system

When you think of preventative maintenance, there are probably a few things that jump to the top of your mind – oil changes, filter replacements, windshield wipers, fluids… But how often do you consider the cooling system in your vehicle?

The cooling system is extremely important – it keeps your vehicle running smoothly, allowing your engine to function and burn fuel without getting too hot. …… ( more )


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cruise control

We are all familiar with cruise control, that setting on your steering wheel or dashboard that makes it easy to just set the speed you want to drive at and just monitor speed instead of actively using the pedal to adjust your speed.

But how does Cruise Control actually help you?..

First, by setting the speed for it (for example while driving on the highway) at the …… ( more )

Car Care Tips: Hoses

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April is National Car Care Month in the United States, with the Car Care Council encouraging drivers from coast-to-coast to take some time to assess the health of their vehicle(s).

Click HERE to download a complimentary ebook from the Car Care Council and check out some info on your vehicle’s hoses below:

  • Coolant hoses and heater hoses are components that CAN, and WILL, wear out …… ( more )
  • Spring Maintenance Checklist

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    spring maintenance

    While we’re enjoying beautiful, sunny days, we know all too well that spring weather in Holland can be unpredictable to say the least. Between late-season snow and April showers, you never know what the roads have in store… which is why we want to help.!

    The team of ASE-certified technicians at D’s Auto & Truck Repair has put together this Spring Maintenance Checklist for your …… ( more )

    When Should Spark Plugs be Replaced?

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    spark plugs

    In order for your gas-powered vehicle to run, it requires proper ignition to start the chain reaction that leads to engine propulsion and the ability to drive. Your ignition system contains several key components, all of which contribute to the process of detonating fuel in order to convert compression into energy and propel your vehicle forward.

    One of your ignition system’s most important components is …… ( more )

    Three Fluids to Check this Month

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    In order to run smoothly, your vehicle’s engine is dependent upon countless moving parts which are able to work properly thanks to various fluids.

    With that in mind, here are three fluids you might consider having checked and potentially flushed this month as you hit the road here in Holland:

    Antifreeze/Coolant. This invaluable fluid can appear to be in good shape for a significant amount …… ( more )

    Check Your Headlights

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    How long has it been since you checked your headlights?

    Not just by looking at the reflection on the car in front of you, or at what’s shining on your garage wall when you pull in…but actually took the time to check on your headlights?

    Unless you stand in front of your vehicle with the lights turned on, it can be hard to see (pun …… ( more )

    Winter Battery Maintenance

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    As we head towards the peak of winter here in Michigan, you will undoubtedly be dealing with a lot of issues as you try and stay warm and safe while contending with blizzards, black ice, etc.


    One of the most common and most frustrating ordeals to contend with during the winter months is a dead car battery.


    Low temperatures affect your battery in …… ( more )

    Check Your Windshield Wipers

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    windshield wipers

    When the rain is pouring down while you’re driving, the last thing you want is a pair of windshield wipers that leave streaks behind on your windshield. Not being able to clearly see the road is a serious safety concern!

    Before you find yourself in that situation, check your windshield wipers!

    Because windshield wiper blades are made from rubber, they will wear out over time. …… ( more )

    Oil Loss Prevention

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    The vast majority of cars on the road today will experience some form of oil loss at some point during their lifespan. More often than not, it’s just usually minor dripping and smaller leaks that are preventable but, sometimes, more significant oil leaks occur which require the attention of an experienced mechanic.

    Most commonly, improperly-sealed drain bolts are the cause of a small oil leak. …… ( more )