5 Things to Look for in an Auto Repair Shop

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There is no denying that vehicles are becoming a necessity in the present world. The quality of your regular maintenance checks will highly determine the service your vehicle will render to you. It may be quite strenuous to decide on the best auto shop to settle for. Worry less, as here are some tips that will come in handy in enabling you to make an …… ( more )

Holland Auto Repair Tips: Winter Checklist

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While it’s recommended you visit an Auto Repair shop in Holland every few months for a preventive maintenance check, there’s lots you can do to manage your vehicle to make sure it’s in good shape.

We’ve broken down a checklist that allows you to inspect something minor every morning on your car to make sure your ride is ready to go. So while you’re enjoying your …… ( more )

6 Back to School Driving Tips for Teens

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September marks the beginning of a new school year and, while students are getting acquainted with their new classmates, a new crop of teen drivers will be on the road in Holland. In this month’s blog, we’re taking a break from our preventive maintenance tips to teach you or your teen how to survive the daily commute to school.

Early mornings, school buses, kids dashing …… ( more )

How to Handle a Tire Blowout

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Drivers in Michigan encounter many distractions on the road—traffic, cell phones, music, passengers, etc. Even the open road can allow a driver’s mind to wander. If you’re distracted when a tire blowout occurs, your drive can become extremely dangerous. You’ll need to gather yourself quickly and follow the correct maneuvers in order to remain safe while you guide your car to safety. We’ve put together …… ( more )

Planning a Summer Road Trip? Schedule a Pre-Trip Inspection Today!

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Summer is road trip season. Whether you’re going 200 or 2000 miles from home, it’s important that your vehicle is able to get you there. That’s why you should visit our auto repair shop to avoid any untimely breakdowns and ensure you and your family stays safely on the road during your trip.

Here is what our ASE-certified technicians will look for when you come in …… ( more )

Holland Auto Repair: Keeping a Cool Car this Summer

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Have you checked the weather report recently? Looks like we’re going to be swimming through 90-degree temperatures for quite some time! That said, it’s important to keep your vehicle a manageable temperature in this time of intense heat.

Making this happen, though, can quickly turn into a fine art that few know how to execute. Luckily, your local Holland Automotive shop is here to give you …… ( more )

The Four-Stroke Power Cycle

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What is your car’s RPM measurement when idling in neutral? How about when you are cruising at 35 mph? 50 mph? Did you know that, if your RPM measurement is not consistent, you could be blindly wasting money every time you fill up at the gas station? Paying attention to these details is vital to your car’s preventative maintenance as well as your automotive knowledge.

…… ( more )

The Importance of Timing Belt Replacements

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You know that spring has arrived when flowers start to bloom and so do your allergies! This also means that it’s a good time to have your air filter replaced. Watch the video below to see how a dirty air system can be bad for your car and your health if not cleaned out regularly.

Remember, from our quick and efficient oil changes to …… ( more )

Auto Repair Tips: What ABS Can and Can’t Do

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Whether you were just cut off on the highway or reacting to an abrupt animal crossing, there comes a time where you may need to slam on your brakes in order to avoid an accident. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) were designed to be your best friend in these situations. ABS prevents skidding to enable you to keep control of your vehicle until you can stop …… ( more )