Stay Safe this Winter

Posted December 20, 2017

Old Man Winter has definitely arrived in The Tulip City. The days are short, the temperatures are low and the snow banks are high.

With treacherous road conditions now a daily threat, here are a few things you should have in your vehicle at all times during the winter months here in Western Michigan:

Windshield Scraper. Removing a layer of ice from your windshield can turn into a daily ritual on certain weeks at this time of year. If you don’t want to have to resort to using a credit card edge while your defroster is blasting away at the frozen optical impediment caking your windshield, be sure to keep a scraper onboard all winter long.

Warm Clothes & Blanket. In the event you find yourself dealing with a breakdown on the side of the road and your heater isn’t working, you’ll definitely be glad to have the necessary layers onboard to keep yourself warm while you wait for help to arrive.

Small Shovel. If you’re stuck in a snow bank, this little tool can help you escape and get back on the road. There are several options for space-friendly shovels, including models that fold in half and can be easily stored.

Kitty Litter. It may sound odd, but this granular material can actually provide good traction for your tires in the event that you get stuck on an icy road. Sprinkle some litter around your tires and you just might be able to break free from the cumbersome predicament you’ve found yourself in.

Cardboard Box. This can serve a similar function to kitty litter and help you gain a modicum of traction on a slick surface. Just stick the cardboard under one of your tires and drive over it, the tread should catch on and spring you free.

Bottled Water & Canned Goods. Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with a situation in which you’ll be stranded in your cold car long enough to need nourishment and hydration but, if you do, you’ll thank yourself for having the foresight to have some emergency rations onboard.

Reflectors/Hazard Lights. Given that so much of the winter is spent in darkness, you definitely want to be able to make your broken-down car visible to oncoming traffic so that a bad situation doesn’t get worse. Having a flashlight onboard is also advisable for this same reason.

We hope you’ll never have to use any of the above items in your Winter Emergency Kit but it’s always better to be safe than sorry! If you have any questions regarding your vehicle’s maintenance this winter, be sure to give us a call at 616-796-9929. Stay safe and stay warm this winter!

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