Common RV Repairs You Need to Keep in Mind

Posted March 14, 2024

An RV is a great form of transportation that gives you a true home away from home and even an office away from the office. You can travel, stay in the RV, and even earn income while on the road, but RVs need regular maintenance and repairs to stay safe and reliable for continued travel. According to Statista, the United States had about 234,700 auto maintenance and repair facilities in 2020, which was about 1% more than a year prior. Many of these shops offer RV repair. Here are some of the many common repairs you may require for your recreational vehicle.

Oil, Lube, and Filter Changes

Changing the engine oil and oil filter will help minimize internal friction and heat the motor endures while driving. The service also removes any oil sludge that might build up inside it. Changing the engine air filter helps ensure the RV’s motor gets plenty of clean air and oxygen for the combustion chamber, and installing a new fuel filter ensures the engine gets plenty of clean fuel. The suspension and steering parts also need lube to keep them in good condition so that your RV will handle well while driving.

Engine Tuning and Cooling System Service

An RV has an internal combustion engine that needs to have a reliable spark to burn the fuel in the combustion chamber and produce good power. An RV repair service can replace any fouled or defective spark plugs and any coils or wires that are near the end of their service lives. Tuning the motor helps ensure good power and the best possible fuel economy while driving. The cooling system also requires a flush-and-fill service to make sure it will keep the engine running at an optimal temperature even on the hottest days.

Brakes, Wheels, and Driveline Maintenance

You need to be able to stop properly to drive your RV safely. Annual brake maintenance and repairs will keep your RV under control and stopping strongly when needed. Your RV shop also can rotate the tires and align the wheels to make sure your RV will travel in a safe and straight path and handle as intended while turning. It’s also important to ensure the driveline is in good condition and well-lubed so that it can hold up over a full season of use.

Keeping up with maintenance and repairs is essential for all vehicles. Do you need work done on your RV? Call or visit D’s Auto & Truck Repair today to learn more or schedule service.

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