4 Signs Your Car’s Cooling System Needs Work

Posted June 17, 2024

Engine oil and coolant are the two things that do the most to keep the motor relatively cool and prevent breakdowns. Unfortunately, cooling system problems occur relatively frequently. According to eTags, 118,163 motorists surveyed said cooling system problems are one of the most common reasons they seek the help of a local car shop. Here are four common signs to look for that indicate it’s time to have your car’s cooling system serviced.

1. The Engine Is Running Hot

Your vehicle has temperature and oil gauges that can tell you how the engine’s doing. If the oil gauge shows normal pressure, but the temperature gauge is at or near the red line, there’s a good chance the cooling system isn’t working. The problem might be a bad water pump, blockage in the radiator, or low coolant level.

2. Steam Rises From the Motor

Steam rising from an engine is a sure sign there’s a problem with the cooling system. The steam is usually caused by the coolant leaking onto an exhaust manifold and burning up. The coolant leak might be due to a bad hose, a punctured radiator, or a defective gasket that lets the coolant leak onto very hot surfaces. Your local car shop can diagnose the problem and fix it.

3. You Detect a Sweet Odor

Engine coolant and antifreeze are made with an ingredient that’s added to create a sweet smell if any leaks onto a hot surface. The smell resembles burnt maple syrup and means coolant is leaking onto something hot, like an exhaust manifold. If you smell a sweet odor coming from your engine, you should check the coolant level after the engine has cooled and check the motor for signs of a coolant leak.

4. Coolant Is Discolored or Low

The coolant should stay a solid color that looks clean, but it needs changing about every two years, per our professional recommendation. If you check the coolant level in the radiator and the coolant is discolored, the engine might leak oil into the coolant. If the coolant is low, it is probably leaking. A car shop can do a flush and fill service that removes old coolant and replaces it along with any defective hoses and clamps.

Have you you detected problems with your car’s cooling system? Is it due for a flush-and-fill service to keep your engine running cool? If so, contact D’s Auto & Truck Repair today to schedule an appointment. Our car shop staff looks forward to assisting you!

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