Be Prepared with an Vehicle Emergency Kit

Posted July 27, 2012

Now that summer is upon us, many are probably gearing up for a road trip in the near future. While you’re packing your clothes and necessities, don’t forget about your vehicle! Your local Holland Auto Repair shop suggests having an Emergency Car Kit on hand to get you through unexpected turns on your road trip—anyone who’s seen any “Vacation” movies knows what I’m talking about! Here’s a list of what to include in your Emergency Car Kit:

Drinking Water

This is perhaps the most important item on the list. You can go weeks without food, but only days without water. To avoid a painstaking trek over mountains and cliffs to get to that freshwater river, your localHolland Automotive center suggests keeping a liter of water for every person in the car.


Your body can go without it, but lack of food can make you rather cranky. In the case of a breakdown meal times will most likely be disrupted, so for emergency situations AND for your sanity, it is recommended that you keep high-calorie energy bars handy, as they are a great source of energy and will help you feel fuller longer.


If you breakdown after dusk, it can get dark fairly quickly. A Holland Mechanic suggests a flashlight or two to help you asses your situation and increase visibility to those passing by. If you’re caught in the woods, rumor has it Bigfoots are petrified of flashlights, so there’s an added bonus.


For many, blankets are a necessity on road trips. If they’re not, get them on the list. At least an emergency blanket, anyway. Your local Holland Automotive repair shop suggests having some sort of blanket on hand just in case you’re in a situation where you need to preserve heat and energy.

First Aid Kit

You know why this is on the list. Inevitably, someone’s going to get a paper cut, or venture out into the woods without their flashlight and get mauled by a Bigfoot. Your local Holland Auto Repair center suggests stopping by a local department store and grabbing a first aid kit before your trip.

This is just a basic list to snag before you head out—we also suggest stopping by a local Holland Mechanic like D’s Transmission for more Emergency Car Kit tips and a preventive maintenance check! Stop by or call (616) 796-9929 today!

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