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Posted November 24, 2015

Winter in Michigan can be unpredictable, with rapidly changing weather, slick roads, and challenging conditions. Vehicles can slip and slide on icy roads when fresh snowfall and hidden black ice make the roads deceptively slick.

Checking your tire condition is always the first step – if you don’t have adequate tread or your tires are worn, you’ll find yourself sliding all over the roads. With proper tires, you’ll be able to keep your car firmly on the ground and stay in control of your vehicle even on slick winter roads.

But when you need a little extra support in extreme winter conditions, consider an alternative traction device.

Tire Chains. Tire chains are the most common device. These strap around your tire, with chains across the body of the tire in intervals, to provide extra traction as you travel the roads.

Auto Sock. These devices cover your tire with a special material for extra grip on slick roads. Like tire trains, the “socks” strap around your tires. The traction fabric covers the entire surface of the tires.

Traction Mats. If you’re stuck with wheels spinning in the snow, you may consider using a traction mat. More sophisticated than kitty litter or cardboard, these mats slide under your stuck tire to provide another service to grip to get you moving.

Added weight. Some vehicles, usually two-wheel drive vehicles, need extra weight in the trunk to help keep their tires on the road. Drivers can place bags of sand, cat litter, or specially designed devices (like Shurtrax) in the bed of the truck or trunk of the car for extra weight to help the vehicle’s tires grip the road.

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