Age Limit to Driver’s Licenses

Posted October 21, 2015

Should there be an age limit to people allowed to drive cars?

Driving can be a symbol of freedom for many people, young and old. When you take away the ability to drive from older people, you also take away their freedom to go anywhere they want, whenever they want.

But when driving becomes dangerous to yourself and others on the road, are the costs too high?

Take this case from earlier this year, when a 92 year old man crashed into 10 cars while trying to leave a parking lot.

I have known many people who remain very able and active well into their 80s or 90s. But there are also those who may not realize when their ability has become compromised.

There are ways to report other drivers, which results in an assessment of their abilities by retaking the driver’s test. Some have suggested that an annual driving test be required after a driver reaches a certain age. Others prefer an upper age limit, so that when you reach a certain age your driver’s license automatically expires.

What do you think? How would feel if someone deemed you “too old” and took your license away? Are you concerned with older relatives who may be losing their ability to drive?

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