Winter Road Hazards

Posted October 24, 2019

There’s no shortage of elements to deal with during the winter months here in Michigan. Snow, freezing rain, black ice, you name it – we get it all.

As a result of unfavorable weather and other factors, road conditions can be quite hazardous for Holland drivers this time of year. Here are a few hazards to look out for as you navigate the wintry terrain of Ottawa/Allegan County in the coming months.  

Potholes: Structural blemishes caused by a combination of weakened soil support due to the presence of water and heavy traffic, these asphalt menaces can cause severe damage to the steering and suspension components of your vehicle if you hit them hard enough. Your tire rims can also be affected by a pothole hit. Larger potholes can potentially cause your shocks to bottom out which results in costly structural damage.

Road Salt: While performing the important tasks of helping to melt snow buildups and providing traction for tires, this sodium-based compound can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s exterior. If you notice road salt clinging to your car’s body, you should have it cleaned off ASAP. In addition to damaging your paint job, salt can cause corrosion on your vehicle’s underside. Getting your car washed regularly during the winter is important for this reason.

Black Ice: Not literally black but rather transparent and very difficult to detect visually, this road hazard is particularly dangerous for drivers. Most common on bridges/overpasses and near wooded areas, black ice can form very quickly once the temperature dips below freezing. The best defense against black ice is simply to drive slowly/carefully and make sure your tires’ traction is as good as possible.  

Curbs: When you’re driving in a storm of any kind, obstacles on the road can be tough to see – especially at night. As such, running into curbs is more common in the winter than during other seasons. Broken shocks, misaligned wheels and damaged struts are just a few of the consequences of curb hits so do your best to avoid them by going slow and maintaining visibility as best as you can. 

In order to make sure your vehicle is in the best possible shape it can be for its marathon bout with Old Man Winter, we recommend getting a safety inspection to make sure your tires, suspension, etc. are ready for the trying conditions they’re about to face. Give us a call at 616-796-9929 or click HERE to schedule an appointment at D’s Auto & Truck Repair so we can help you stay safe on the road this winter!

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