Spring Tire Check for your Car

Posted March 21, 2016

Spring is in the air! The warmer weather is great for road trips and other spring getaways, but it also means wetter weather.

That means this the perfect time to do a spring tire check.

What should you be looking for in your tire check?

  • First, a visual inspection can reveal a lot. Check all tires, including the spare, for debris like nails or large rocks. Items can get stuck in the tread and leave you without traction at the worst possible time. Be sure to check for worn or bald spots, as these can be time bombs waiting to cause a flat tire. If wear looks uneven on the tires, you may need a tire rotation and alignment.
  • Next, check for proper inflation. A cheap tire pressure gauge is a good tool to keep handy in the glove compartment. The ideal tire pressure is listed in your owner’s manual (as opposed to the maximum tire pressure listed on the tire itself). Use the ideal tire pressure for the best performance, fuel efficiency, and comfort on the road for your specific vehicle.
  • Finally, check for proper tread. If you insert a quarter into your tread with Washington’s head pointed down, the top of his head should be covered. This indicates that there is 4/32” of tread depth remaining. Again, test the quarter on multiple spots on your tire, including inside and outside edges. This may help you catch uneven wear early so you can have an alignment or rotation performed and prolong the life of your tires.

Having properly inflated tires with enough tread is critical during rainy days because it reduces the risk of hydroplaning.

If you have any questions about your tires, need help checking tread or pressure, or just want to make sure you’ll stay safely on the road during spring showers, call us at 616.796.9929.

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