Lemons: Cars that just won’t Work

Posted August 19, 2015

Over our years servicing and repairing vehicles in Holland, MI, our technicians have had hands on experience with hundreds of vehicles, and we’ve seen some interesting cases. Lemons, or cars with problem after problem, still pop up even with today’s advanced technology. Here are 5 classic examples:

Ford Pinto – An oversight in design put the gas tank exposed… leading to vehicle fires! Over the years, Ford paid millions in court judgments. To top it off, this car has been called the “ugliest vehicle ever made.”

Yugo is an example of a lemon - a car with lots of maintenance and repair issues. YugoOdometer.com says “The Yugo should win the prize for the worst car ever made… It seems many owners spent more time walking than driving when they owned these cars.” Many issues from small problems to engine failures kept bringing these cars back into auto repair shops.

Chevrolet Series D (1917) – Even though this car was the first V-8 made by the company, it didn’t have any power. With only 36 horsepower in good conditions, this car had less horsepower than the previous engine with half the cylinders. It took nearly 40 years before Chevrolet attempted another V-8 vehicle.

Pontiac Sunbird – This car set records for high maintenance costs. With numerous mechanical problems and design flaws, the Sunbird cost owners lots of money and time having repairs.

2003 Saturn Ion – Lemons continue to pop onto the market into the turn of the century. This car received much criticism for poor design, cheap plastic components that covered the interior and exterior, and less than ideal driving experience.

Time’s list of The 50 Worst Cars of All Time covers a deep dive of lemons and bad cars over the years.

Lemons are unreliable vehicles - visit D's Auto Repair for car buying advice to get a reliable vehicleWith so many design flaws and maintenance issues, how can you make sure you have a reliable vehicle?

Come into D’s Auto & Truck Repair for a pre-purchase inspection. We’ll help you understand the condition of your vehicle so you don’t end up with a lemon like these! Schedule your appointment online.

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