Holland Auto Repair: How to Keep More Money in Your Wallet Now

Posted February 22, 2012

Next to a home, your vehicle is the biggest financial investment you can make. But many times, the idea of trading in your old ride for an updated, newer version seems absolutely fantastic. The temptation is everywhere—television commercials, newspaper ads, billboards, even seeing other cars on the road. But in the whole scheme of things, holding on to your current vehicle makes the most financial sense. By maintaining your current vehicle for 10 years instead of constantly investing in new ones, you could save up to $250,000! Here are a few tips to help you start saving now, since we could always use a little extra cash!

You’ve overcome the constant bombardment of advertisements and have resisted the temptation of purchasing a brand new vehicle. You want to save money, and keeping your current car is the way to go. But how do you start? If your vehicle needs repairs or preventative maintenance, prioritizing specific services will make things more manageable for you and your wallet.

1st Priority: You’ll want to start with issues that could potentially be dangerous and cause an accident. Up front, the braking system, tires, and steering system should be of concern. When was the last time your brakes were checked? Do they make a funny noise when you use them? Are your tires worn down? Does your car pull to one side or the other? These issues are warning signs that should be brought up when you visit your local Holland auto repair center.

2nd Priority: When in a vehicle, your protection is always the top priority. But once you’ve taken care of any safety issues, focus on problems that could potentially leave you stranded on the side of the road. These include radiator hoses, timing belts, fuel lines, and constant velocity (CV) joints.

3rd Priority: Keep your car on the road! This is why having reliable ASE technicians at your trusted Holland auto repair facility is so important. They’ll take the time to get to know your car inside and out and be able to diagnose your vehicle’s issues quickly and efficiently. By distinguishing exactly what your car needs, they’ll fix your issues the first time, leaving more money in your wallet and giving you more time on the road.

Preventative maintenance is the way to go if you want to save money by holding on to your current vehicle. By regularly scheduling appointments at your professional auto repair facility, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your vehicle while saving money.


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