Signs You Need an Oil Change

Posted March 29, 2023

One of the least expensive preventative measures you can do to keep your car running safely and smoothly is an oil change. It lubricates your engine and keeps your car functioning the way it should. With people in the United States driving their vehicles about 10,000 miles every year, according to Love to Know, an oil change is needed often. Here are signs that you may need an oil change.

Dirty Oil

If you look at your car’s dipstick and see that the oil is dark and gritty, you need to change it. As the oil ages and gets run through the engine it will pick up these contaminants. It’s fairly easy to check the dipstick without any prior experience. If you’re still nervous, you can have an auto shop check for you.

Check Engine Light

If this light comes on in your dash it is signaling a problem. Either you do not have enough oil in the engine and you need to change the oil to have it filled, or it is telling you that there is already a problem. Once you see this light, find an auto shop near you that can check on your car’s oil.

Engine Knock

If you notice a sound from the engine compartment, you may need an oil change. Oil helps the engine run smoothly and quietly. If it is thin and old you may hear sounds. This could also be an indication that there are other issues with your car. Whatever the case may be, a mechanic will be able to tell you what you need to do.

Exhaust Smoke

If you have smoke coming from your exhaust pipe it could be from your oil. It’s good practice to get repairs any time you see smoke coming from your vehicle. However, when it comes from the exhaust pipe specifically, it’s a sign you need an oil change.

If you think you may need an oil change, we’re here for you. With years of experience keeping vehicles running the way they should, we are ready for any challenge that comes our way. Let us keep your car or truck functioning great with your vehicle maintenance needs. Call D’s Auto & Truck Repair or come by anytime for service.

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