Preventative Maintenance at a Holland Auto Repair

Posted January 26, 2012

When it comes to your vehicle, less driving doesn’t mean less maintenance. Even when your vehicle is parked, there are still items that need regular maintenance. Here are a few things to keep in mind when maintaining your rarely driven vehicle:

Tires: Often when a vehicle sits for too long, the tires lose a bit of air and become underinflated. This can significantly lower gas mileage and increases the chance of a blowout. It’s always a good idea to conduct a visual inspection of your tires whenever you fill up your gas tank. Check for uneven wear and inflation pressure. If any of your tires look uneven, check the air pressure and fill up the tires according to the owner’s manual. Have an ASE-Certified technician at your local Holland auto repair shop rotate your tires at every other scheduled oil change.

Batteries: Parking your vehicle for an extended period of time can have negative effects on your battery’s life and efficiency, especially if your vehicle has any electronic systems that are constantly running. When a car is driven on a regular basis, the alternator recharges the battery. But when your car is left for a long time, these electronic systems slowly drain your battery. Have an ASE-Certified technician at your reliable Holland Auto Repair to have your battery checked today!

Fluid Levels: Coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, oil, and wiper fluid can leak or even deteriorate when a vehicle is left for an extended amount of time. If your car has been sitting, be sure to check all of these fluids before you drive anywhere. You’ll get better readings if your vehicle is on level ground.

Exterior Conditions: If the weather is cold, it’s important to check the exterior conditions of a vehicle. Leaves can clog air intakes and piles of snow can increase your vehicle’s drag and dramatically decrease your gas mileage.

If your vehicle hasn’t been used in quite some time because of lack of use, have an ASE-Certified technician at your local Holland Auto Repair look over your car for any repair that may need to be done!

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