Planning a Summer Road Trip? Schedule a Pre-Trip Inspection Today!

Posted July 29, 2013

Summer is road trip season. Whether you’re going 200 or 2000 miles from home, it’s important that your vehicle is able to get you there. That’s why you should visit our auto repair shop to avoid any untimely breakdowns and ensure you and your family stays safely on the road during your trip.

Here is what our ASE-certified technicians will look for when you come in for a pre-trip inspection.


Checking your tire alignment is crucial before a road trip. A misaligned tire can decrease your gas mileage as well as affect your traction. Any potholes or curbs you may have hit this winter can throw off your alignment. Making sure your tires are correctly aligned before your trip will save you gas and give you better handling.

Your tire pressure will also be inspected. Properly inflated tires will increase your MPG by 3.3%. That can add up when you’re driving long distances!


Hitting the road with old, dirty fluids is a huge risk. Not only will it harm your MPG, but it can easily cause major components on your vehicle to fail.  Your oil, transmission fluid, coolant and washer fluid should be inspected and replaced if needed. Our certified technicians can do all of this for you quickly and efficiently.

Wiper Blades

Don’t forget about these guys! Windshield wipers can take a beating in the winter. If they are neglected through the spring, they will be almost useless during a summer rain storm. If you haven’t the slightest clue as to what type of wiper is best, feel free to ask a member of our staff. We’re happy to help find and install the right wiper blades for your car.


Transmissions, brakes and timing belts are just a few things that should also be looked at before a long trip. Stop by our shop in Holland and let us keep your family safe on the road while you focus on creating those lifelong road trip memories!

Don’t hesitate to stop by D’s Transmission & Auto Tech or call (616)-796-9929 to set up your pre-trip inspection today!

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