Avoiding Scams and Ripoffs when Purchasing Repair

Posted August 17, 2011

Automatic transmission repairs are expensive; some can easily cost $2000 and more. So it’s more important than ever to find an auto repair shop that will provide quality repairs at a fair price. Here are a few ways you can avoid getting cheated when searching for a transmission repair center:

  1. Get Recommendations — Ask friends and family to recommend a shop where they were treated well.
  2. Look for a Professional Appearance — A clean, organized shop indicates a professional attitude. And that usually carries over into all phases of their business… including their repairs and job pricing.
  3. Avoid Phone Estimates — Today it’s virtually impossible to give an accurate estimate over the phone. Any shop that will give you a price before they see the car is probably low-balling you. Expect the price to go up considerably before the job is finished.
  4. Ask for a Detailed, Written Estimate — After checking your car thoroughly, the repair center should have a fairly good idea of what’s wrong with your car. They should be able to provide a written estimate that specifies what’s wrong with your car, and what it’ll cost to repair it.
  5. Look for Membership in Consumer Organizations — Most reputable shops are members of an organization or association that provides consumer arbitration in the event of a dispute, such as the Better Business Bureau and AAA. ATRA provides this service to its members.

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