5 Common Issues Your Car May Experience

Posted January 9, 2024

Regardless of how shiny and perfect your car may have seemed when you drove it off the lot, eventually, you’re going to have problems with your vehicle. Car maintenance is a natural part of car ownership. Let’s look at some car problems that commonly pop up for vehicle owners.

Wear and Tear

The mechanical parts of a vehicle will experience normal wear and tear as the vehicle ages. This can include the engine, transmission, suspension, and brakes. The experts at eTags report that engine and coolant issues are the most common car problems, with 118,163 drivers reporting this type of problem. Some of these problems are more expensive than others to fix. A broken transmission, for instance, is a costly repair that you could prevent with good maintenance. You should stay up to date on oil changes, tune-ups, and other preventive maintenance to lessen the expense.

Electrical Issues

The electrical system of a car can also become problematic over time. Issues with the battery, alternator, starter, and other components can decrease the reliability of the vehicle. You may find that the car won’t start as it did in the past. These types of problems are often progressive, so you should get the vehicle seen by a mechanic quickly.


Although rust may not affect the drivability of a car, it can affect the appearance of the car. Over time, as more and more moisture is allowed under the paint, the metal frame of the vehicle will start to corrode as well. This could possibly lead to a weakening of the structural integrity of the car.


Leaks can also start to develop as a vehicle ages. Leaks can happen in the engine, transmission, or radiator. Leaking transmission fluid could lead to a broken transmission, which is a serious problem. If you see leaks, you should have the vehicle checked out by a qualified mechanic quickly.

Tire Problems

Tires greatly affect the safety of your vehicle, so tire maintenance is of critical importance. You should check the tire pressure and the tread of the tires regularly to ensure they are in good shape. If you have a slow air leak in a tire, you should have that repaired quickly to prevent a possible blowout.

These are just a few common issues you might see with your vehicle. If you’re in need of quality auto mechanic services, please contact D’s Auto & Truck Repair today.

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