What’s the Difference between Coolant and Antifreeze?

Posted October 20, 2016

As temperatures across Michigan start dropping, drivers start thinking about winterizing their vehicle before the first storm hits. One of the questions we have heard from customers, especially those new to winter climates, is “What’s the difference between coolant and antifreeze?”

The answer is simple – there is none!

Both terms “coolant” and “antifreeze” refer to the same fluid. This critical fluid gets these names for it’s critical function – to keep the engine running at the optimal temperature.

During the winter months, you may hear the term “antifreeze” more frequently. This fluid prevents the radiator fluid in your engine from freezing, even when temperatures drop to extreme cold during the winters. This way you can still start your vehicle on cold winter mornings.

Because the engine operates in such extreme heat, the fluid also needs to remain stable without boiling or evaporating. This fluid flows through the engine to prevent your vehicle from overheating by keeping the critical components cool – thus the term “coolant.”

Regardless of which term you use or hear, the end goal is the same – to keep your family and your vehicle safe on the roads in Holland.

Before the first cold day this winter, it is important that you have your coolant levels checked and antifreeze tested. If the fluid is old, contaminated, or leaking, it could leave your vehicle at increased risk during the winter.

Stop by D’s Auto & Truck Repair  for a cooling system inspection. Our experienced technicians will make sure the antifreeze is in working condition and that all system components will keep your vehicle running at the optimal temperature.

If you have questions about how the cooling system works or what antifreeze does, or any other questions about your vehicle, call our technicians at 616-796-9929. You may also stop by our auto repair shop in Holland or request an appointment online. We’d love to see you!

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