How to Prepare for (and Avoid) Road Trip Emergencies

Posted May 24, 2016

An emergency by definition is unexpected. You don’t know when an emergency could happen, or you could always avoid them. But with a few tips and appropriate preparation, you can stay safe in emergencies and take steps to reduce your chance of getting in an emergency situation on the road.

  1. Flat Tires.
    One of the most common emergencies on the road, especially for long road trips, is a flat tire. Whether it’s a nail puncture or a blowout, the key is to be prepared.
    Don’t forget your spare tire! Your spare tire is like Charlie Brown, often getting ignored in the group. Check the tread and tire pressure for every tire (including the spare!), looking for worn spots or uneven wear. If your tread is less than 1/16” thick or fails the penny test, have your tires replaced before the road trip.
  2. Dead battery.
    As the summer heat comes to Holland, your car battery is put to the test. Make sure you have a set of jumper cables in your car at all times, especially before a road trip. If you’re not sure how to use them, stop by D’s Auto & Truck Repair and our technicians will teach you how to jump start your vehicle.
    Before a long trip, it’s a good idea to have your battery tested. Our ASE-Certified technicians will test your car battery’s ability to hold a charge and recharge on the road. At home, you can check your battery terminals for signs of corrosion, like a leak or a white mineral buildup, and bring your vehicle in at the first sign of a problem.
  3. After dark.
    Emergencies don’t always happen at convenient times. Make sure you have a flashlight with extra batteries in your vehicle. You won’t be reliant on your vehicle’s power, and you’ll be able to see outside after dark (should you need to change a tire or call for help). It’s a good idea to carry a few reflective road triangles or cones so other drivers can see you.
  4. Unfamiliar places.
    When a road trip emergency happens, it’s often away from your home town. Make sure you have a cell phone and charger with you so you can find, research, and call a reliable auto repair shop. Save our number in your phone – 616.796.9929 – and call us anytime you have any question related to your car. We’ll help you find a trusted source to get you back safely on the road.

Before your next road trip, make sure you’re prepared! Pack your emergency kit with jumper cables, spare tire, flashlight, reflective signs, and a cell phone charger. Stop by D’s Auto & Truck Repair for a pre-trip inspection. Our technicians will check your tires, battery, and other key components to make sure your vehicle is ready for the journey and help you avoid emergencies on the road. Call us at 616.796.9929 to schedule your next auto repair or service appointment.

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